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Whitelisted in Chat

Freely link to websites! CAPS! Emoticons! Math equations! All in moderation, remember. The point here is that you are self-moderated instead of bot-moderated; play responsibly, you are not exempt from our community standards.

Priority Queue

Don't wait behind 50 people to get into community games, wait behind 5! Gold members have their own VIP line to get into community days quicker. As soon as you're at the front of the Gold line, you're in! Additionally, you have a private email line in to Mosqiil for any questions.

Special Giveaways

We like to give back to the community! Giveaways are often video games and soundtracks redeemable on Steam. You are automatically entered into all giveaways, regardless of your presence!


One day a month, we all join the Listen Live server, hang out, play games, and watch a movie together! Talk all you like during the movie since it's text-based chat! (voice chat before/on breaks/after)

Listen Live (& Hangout)

Get connected to the private TeamSpeak 3 server where you can listen to the show live without the 20-second delay! Also great for people with monthly internet usage caps. When we're not live, the server is used to hang out and play games!

Golden-Choice Games

Pick which games will be played on special Golden-Choice days. A list of games will be emailed out, all you have to do is vote on your favourite!


Tailor your subscription to get EXACTLY what YOU want! Each month you are subscribed, you will receive a set number of Unicoins which can be spent on your choice of a plethora of different treats! Scroll down to see the goods!

Be a Lifeline

Know that you are literally keeping the show alive, in every sense of the word. Thank you for your continued support. None of this would be possible without you.

Get whatever you want, Unicoins are yours to spend!

Personalized 2-minute drawing by Mosqiil

Describe a simple (or not simple) scene and have it brought to life by none other than Mosqiil's shaky computer mouse! You may freely use the created image as your avatar, desktop background, Facebook profile picture, etc. (Limit 1/mo.)
  • 450

Live improvized SubSong inspired by your username

Grabbing his trusty guitar, Mosqiil will serenade you and rock out to a spontaneously conceived lyrical masterpiece filled with peculiar muses of your screen name. Your anthem will last around 1-2 minutes and may be influenced by anything you type in chat. This is a popular Unicoin treat for people to request immediately upon subscribing - be sure to post promptly in chat if you would like a SubSong! (Limit 1/mo.)
  • 450; additional 450 for recording

Live poetry slam: take control of the Golden Voice

'In a world ravaged by vigorous jazz hands, our only solace is...' or 'Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate...' or perhaps a contemporary pop classic: 'With the taste of your lips, I'm on a ride. Your toxic, I'm slipping under...' Take control of the Golden Voice with your script of any book, limerick, movie trailer, song lyric, or anything else! Demand it dark with laughter, demand it bright and coated in twang; your prose will be recited live on the show for all to enjoy! (30 word limit & keep it classy)
  • 450; additional 450 for recording

Your own chat command on UnicornBot

Immortalize yourself through the almighty UnicornBot and take control of the chat! Design any !command that can be posted in our chat and create the response to be automatically given by UnicornBot. Remind people how beautiful you are, link to a hilarious .gif online, or post the lyrics to Never Gonna Give You Up! The custom command expires with your subscription.
  • 1000

Your own page at

Mosqiil will create you a simple, single-use web page at! Pick a background image and whatever you can think of for the foreground: some pictures, a YouTube video, a poem, a flash game, a click-through to your blog, etc. Be set in your ways because the site is not meant to be edited once it is live.
  • Create, 1400; Monthly Upkeep, 500; Make Changes, 800

Custom voicemail greeting

Tired of people not bothering to leave you messages because your voicemail greeting is boring? Get the Golden Voice as your greeting and no one will ever prematurely hang up again! Provide Mosqiil with a short script or let him freestyle for you as you hold up your phone to your computer speakers and let the magic unfold.
  • 3100

Send the Golden Voice to a friend

Want to wish a friend a happy birthday? Want to tell someone far away you love them? Want to be told you're awesome on your way to work in the morning? Provide the phone number of someone, somewhere (anywhere - it's worldwide!) and a preferred time frame and a message that you would like to be relayed to that person. Then kick back and relax as the Golden Voice takes care of the rest.
  • 3100

Gold Goals

Make Mosqiil do something that he REALLY doesn't want to do! Contribute any amount of Unicoins to the pot and when the target is hit, the event will take place! The current target and event is: open for suggestions (TBA)! Submit your ideas/challenges/embarrassing events with a Tweet or an email!
  • Choice

Monthly allowance of 900/1000/1200/1500 Unicoins based on consecutive months subscribed; non-transferable.

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